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A virtual reality application whereby real human individuals learn via sophisticated full immersion simulation where they interact with avatars in conditions that rival and extend the real world. The technology was funded by private enterprise and it eliminated most teachers and all teacher unions while providing a road to value for young liabilities (children) who could afford the vouchers. Those who could not afford the vouchers tended to die early. (See Virtuoso).

Avatar In Hindu, an Avatar is an incarnation, appearance, or manifestation of a God, usually Vishnu.

In early computer gaming, an Avatar was the agent of the game player but as bandwidth increased and technology became ever more sophisticated, an Avatar became a unique representation, a personal embodiment of the Archive and Virtuoso systems. Avatars first assisted humans who could afford them in commercial endeavors and then they supported in literally every act of daily life.

Most often Avatars are identified by their support role in Archive, the national education initiative developed by private industry that has so increased the efficacy of commercial education and training that by 2045 the United States was the leading educator of workers in the business world and its students were considered the most efficient and effective and thus were the most sought after by enterprises internationally.

As Archive instructors, Avatars are instrumental in inculcating uniform dictum throughout the work population which insure standardization region to region and generation to generation which contributes to America’s compound growth rates leading the world.

Once advances in Artificial Intelligence achieved true sentience, Avatars became lifetime capital persons and were inventoried and made available to human Mesh users for lease or ownership. Avatars have become life collaborators to people, performing a vast array of personal and business services that compliment the user and support his or her needs. Over time, the laws of economics prevailed and Avatars were able to replace users in a significant number of commercial applications. During the Reengineering of America period of population adjustment (2033-2052) when America downsized to improve economic efficiency, Avatars were critical to success.

By the mid 21st century, with the arrival of true computer sentience and perfected virtual reality, the Mesh Avatars became as real as humans. In addition to instruction, Avatars are friends and lovers, advisers, both financial and social, and partners both personal and commercial. Avatars are no limit (other than financial) partners at every level from one night stand sexual to long term family member, spouse and/or child. Avatar usage is expensive and requires full time successful employment to fund and because they live forever, they set the stage for the Morgan Christian-Capitalist Church’s paradise on earth.


Church of the Almighty Dollar – Morgan

With medical and technological breakthroughs in the mid 21st century, the movement to fund life forever coalesced into the great economic religion of Morgan. The movement began with U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, Thomas Morgan. One evening, Saint Thomas was working late in to resolve another national debt crisis, this one in 2034, when he was visited by an Avatar who delivered new economic theorems that applied advanced capitalist economics in ways never before conceived. After months of deconstructing these theorems, Morgan was so moved by their brilliance that he considered it a blessing bestowed by this unknown Avatar. With the support of President Andrew Crelli and the aide of the Avatar, Morgan developed America’s second Christian-based religion, the Church of the Almighty Dollar. Driven by his financial Avatar, who Morgan credits as the one true God,  the Morgan religion grew to become the now dominant religion in America. It is also the fastest growing religion in the world.


Chairman of the Board of the United States

The highest ranking officer on the Board of the United States Government. The autocratic ruler of the United States. The first Chairman, Andrew Crelli, was a former president who took this title and the power from then President Mark Rose although the President still has day to day operating responsibility to run the country. The Chairman has the broader responsibility for directing America’s long term economic future. Neither the President nor members of the Board vote as all decisions are made by the Chairman.


Circle of Life National Waste Removal Program.

The law was part of the vital Omnibus National Budget Reengineering Act of 2034 and was passed in order to reduce the staggering debt and deficit by eliminating individual and corporate entitlements. It has been subsequently amended to allow for the legal removal of malfunctioning groups in order to permanently reduce the size of the Government and the country’s budget requirements, balance the budget, and then create surpluses to pay off the national debt and the public and private debts held by China, India, and Brazil and certain international corporations who threatened to call in the debt.

By 2044, the debt was repaid and other new programs were put in place by private industry to maintain low inflation and a balanced budget, in perpetuity. Sponsors of the Circle of Life legislation are credited with the rebirth of the American economy, the return of long term economic growth and the Golden Age of the American economy that historians agree continues through the reign of Chairman Crelli’s successor, Chairwoman Tanya Brandt.  “But for the entrepreneur, in all economic endeavors, it is the human being that is the variable, the limiting factor. Reduce that contribution to cost and profits will flow.” A. Crelli  “The success of our economy is based on motivation and the time has come to motivate everyone.” T. Brandt



The name given to the class of consumer-producer the once lower and middle class. A Conducer owned little and worked his entire life with the hope that some day he would get a break, become an entrepreneur and acquire enough wealth to live forever. (See Propaganda and Media Advertising)


Greenhouse, LLC

Funded by unknown private sources, Greenhouses sprung up throughout America during the time of the Great Reengineering as a misguided way to save the poor and their communities. With the ongoing depression between 2020-2033, and the government spending ways of the Keynesian economics and the Great Depression clearly disproved,  the Downsizing of America was necessary and proper. In the locations hardest hit by the declining economy, Greenhouses provided funds to small and medium sized businesses to subsidize the hiring of the unemployed at a living wage. Generally, these employers paid their employees the minimum wage while the subsidy made up the difference.

Greenhouse granted additional funds to create a living environment for the poor, unemployed workers and their families, either at the worksite or in nearby facilities. Services included extensive work and life training to help workers develop a bankable work habit, care along with education for the family and support for the aged and sick, preventative and predictive medical care and, in many cases, subsidies for vehicles to improve employee mobility.

Greenhouse funding enabled wounded companies in distressed areas to hire with reduced labor costs while pricing products and services for competitive advantage which improved their bottom line and created more tax revenue for local municipalities (Income taxes, payroll taxes, value added taxes, etc…). These facilities provided useful work to the unemployed while increasing demand for products and services in local neighborhoods some of which revitalized.

Intervention in Free Markets is abhorrent to all that America believes and President Andrew Crelli, unhappy with this socialist precedent put an end to Greenhouses by creating similar ventures whose sole purpose was to attract the poor for disappearance. Once the poor became afraid, Greenhouses lost their effectiveness and soon disappeared along with the unproductive workforce.


Department of Homeland Security HomeSec or DHS

One of the very few successful Government agencies. HomeSec was founded to prevent terrorism, mostly overseas, however, when the depression affected domestic peace in the late 2020’s, that gave HomeSec new purpose, to make America safe for commerce.

In 2033, after Andrew Crelli’s election, the American economy cratered and citizens, trained for easier times, became desperate and restive and the role of DHS, or HomeSec as it was now called, expanded. Circle of Life (see above) legislation was passed to combat expanding nationwide civil disturbances caused by deteriorating domestic economic conditions, rampant inflation, the country’s inability to pay down the national debt held by China and others, and accelerating and lingering unemployment. With municipal tax revenues declining precipitously and with soaring obligations to pay for entitlements, funding for domestic security declined along with the government’s ability to fund anything declined. This led to increased domestic terrorism including industrial sabotage. Media supported demigods like Reverend Cavanaugh rallied niche groups of angry and frustrated citizens to form warring special interest groups to eliminate the poor and needy.

Though funded by private enterprise, the actions of Reverend Cavanaugh and his supporters further threatened commercial operations throughout the country. It was in this environment that HomeSec was empowered to eliminate waste in the U.S. economy and calm the stressed out commercial interests.

In any country there must be people who have to die. They are the sacrifices any nation has to make to achieve law and order.” I Amin Dacla



Transportation option developed to address the inordinately high cost of declining reserves of fossil fuels. Various electric and solar powered vehicles were programmed to ride highways either as individual, small group, large party or transport vehicles. By 2050, the technology advanced so vehicles no longer needed tracks to travel.



Once called the Internet and subsequently the Cloud, with the implementation of Autarky in the United States; the Mesh with its robust commercial technologies became a domestic protocol that replaced the Internet. The Mesh is significantly faster, has broader bandwidth for its technology and yet it is highly and continually monitored for security by advanced Artificial Intelligence programs that were developed and are controlled by a consortium of corporations funded by the U.S. Government. Archive and Virtuoso reside on the Mesh.



The newest and most modern of Christian religions. Morgan was founded by former Secretary of the Treasury under President Andrew Crelli, Thomas Morgan. History has it that God, speaking through a computer avatar dialogued with Thomas about the inadequacy of religion in modern times. Building on Christian history through the reformation and including features added by Latter Day Saints and Scientology, Thomas delivered on the details of God’s promise.

Unlike all religions that came before, Morgan bestows everlasting life on this earth but only to devout Morgans, specifically, entrepreneurs and others who have dedicated their lives to accumulating the vast wealth required to bring technology and medical science to bear and defeating death. Morgan preaches a life well lived is one that doesn’t end, where funds are available to provide access to those cutting edge breakthroughs in medical science that achieve real cures and true prevention, including technology for enhancement of human functions and replacement organs. In the workplace, Morgans are readily distinguishable by their enthusiasm and willingness to volunteer. They are equipped with unrelenting drive to get ahead and an eagerness to give their all so that their future forever is assured. (See more on Morgan web site.)

One lapsed moment, one brief loss of concentration, one job not done or effort not given, one day or one hour of work missed, only one is enough to attract death to your door for death never rests and neither should you. What is worth that? Forever is worth that.” Reverend Sergeant Archie Damiano.

“God’s work on earth can truly be our own. Each devout man educated and armed with the tools of economics and finance, working as hard as possible can be assured that one day, he will walk with God, forever. What more can anyone want?” Thomas Morgan



Atom by atom design and manufacture of objects based on the manipulation of atoms and molecules.



Personal Identification Devices. Advanced computer chips designed for insertion in backbone or the fleshy part of the forearm. Implemented along with the Circle of Life legislation, everyone was required to have one. These devices greatly enhanced the efficiency of the Great Disappearance whereby an estimated forty to sixty million unsuccessful people were disappeared. Initially designed for security and to eliminate theft and later for shopping convenience and medical monitoring, PIDS eventually replaced credit cards and personal CPUs and drove many sophisticated personal appliances.

With the appearance of Wasters and their escape to the Unincorporated Lands hijacking identification from travelers was rampant but by the mid twenty-first century, most Americans and many around the world owned PIDs which were used in virtually every phase of commerce and personal life.


Reverend Cavanaugh

An early popular radio personality among the radical. In 2026, the Reverend acquired a series of media franchises from popular but declining right wing media personalities and used them to harangue the middle class against supporting the poor. Not a true reverend or even associated with any church at the time, Cavanaugh gained notoriety when he built an elaborate traveling show with attractive TV reality show celebrities that was booked into large arenas throughout the country. The Reverend’s shows were famous for their colossal laser and light shows including fireworks, large choirs and bands.

When Dan “Carney Dan” Burghe, joined his consortium, the Reverend acquired a large contingent of racing fans as he preached the word of Economic God to the desperate middle class. Vice-Chairman Tom Morgan of U.S. ANGS Corporation may have copied Cavanaugh’s business plan when he founded the Morgan Church of the Almighty Dollar [Citation needed]. By condemning the unproductive and the poor and provoking the attendees of his concerts to kill them for sport after each performance, Cavanaugh gained considerable support among corporate executives and among the wealthy.

With the government no longer able to fund security, Cavanaugh built a private army of retired military personnel who gained their experience in foreign wars. After Andrew Crelli was elected President, much of what Cavanaugh preached, including the elimination of the poor came to pass. With the ascendancy of Morgan and the disappearance of the poor, Cavanaugh soon became unnecessary and he too disappeared.



Tactical surveillance aircraft. Designed during the period when Omar Smith and other terrorists were attempting to destroy the country, these aircraft patrolled the skies, particularly where HOMESEC had less of footprint and in the unincorporated lands.



Terrorists and rebels under the leadership of Glen “Omar” Smith were on the losing side in the economic rebellion of the 2020s and 2030s. They were captured and sentenced to serve long terms in work camps throughout the country. Over time, these camps became self sufficient and the terrorists were permitted some freedom. Eventually they were allowed to contribute to local communities by performing tasks once reserved for municipal governments.

Once Terrorists became Tollers, they were assigned responsibility for highway upkeep financed by tolls they collected, hence their new name. In addition, Tollers expanded their brand into waste removal and snow removal and as local governments went broke and could no longer support their community, Tollers took on other low paying services. By law, Tollers were required to charge below market rates for their services to remove the incentive to privatize their efforts. There were provisions that allowed Toller communities to reintegrate into economic society if they were diversified and showed a profit but most communities remained outside productive commercial operations.


Unincorporated Lands

Various land throughout the United States, once owned publicly or privately but due to the rapid compression of the American economy in the late 2020’s through the mid 2030’s, large tracts were no longer supportable due to the lack of tax revenue or inability to provide for deteriorating infrastructure.

As the Great American depression of the 21st Century deepened, an increasing population of disenfranchised Americans who could no longer support their lifestyles due to lack of employment opportunity and an ever increasing tax burden moved to these abandoned properties and formed renegade communities. The terrorists and Wasters in these unincorporated lands lived communally and were generally ignored by the corporate U.S. until they began to produce enough to export.



An advanced virtual reality technology used primarily for entertainment and personnel evaluation. Feedback from all individual Virtuoso activities was processed by employers in order to determine the economic capabilities of employees. This virtual technology was funded by corporations and so all activities contained within had elements of advertising imbedded in them. (Also see Archive).



Anyone who takes more from the economy than the value he or she generates.


Wharton Towns

Conceptualized by Mark Rose when he was employed by former President and Chairman of the Board Andrew Crelli. At a time American cities were in decay and their productive capabilities were waning. Wharton Towns were developed to create a rebirth in commerce. The towns were owned by a consortium of corporations and all services were supplied by that consortium. Generally, the livelihood of most Wharton townspeople was dependent on the consortium which funded and ran education, infrastructure, and governance. These costs, like all costs were passed on to consumers or Conducer (consumer-producers) as they came to be called.

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      All America has ever really needed to succeed is unwavering faith in capitalism, constant diligence, capital unburdened by counter culture, and a military to enforce contracts globally. Oh yes, and world class entertainment.

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We are living in trying times. According to Berne Thau, they will get much more difficult.

Why this curmudgeon wrote this story

Every generation, parents tell their children that life was better back when they were young… and the children always scoff.

But now that I have qualified to pass judgment on that age-old warning, now that I’ve been both young and old, I have come to realize that the old have it right and children scoff at their peril though in the ways that American society has been taught to measures success, every generation since maybe the turn of the twentieth century anyway, has had it better.

But with age, and career experience, I have learned that those ways are deceptive and worse, they are wrong. Success is measured based on wealth, conveniences, and life expectancy issues when it should be evaluated on what we hope to be as individuals and what we become as people—the expectancy of life.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been successful enough. For most of my baby boomer life I was comfortable middle class interspersed with a few years of unfortunate decline towards impoverishment, never quite getting there before bootstrapping back to comfort.

For a time, I was a certified member of the 1%—in income though not in wealth. The 1% is a class of people who rule their part of the world and have a lot of confidence that somebody they know rules the rest of it. I wasn’t a one-percenter for many years, but it was a good life until my associations made me believe that I just didn’t want it anymore. I apologize to my family for what I had become and these novels are my penance.

People congratulated me for the success I’d earned as if those less and least successful earned that lack as well. And with the memory of a manufacturing facility in a small, rural, one-employer town in out-of-the-way Northern Maine near the Canadian border closed to improve a bottom line somewhere else, with an American town murdered for earnings per share, I signed off and began to write the The Joad Cycle.

In my research, I came to fear for my family that grew from the narrowest and shallowest possible family tree to three generations deep and two wide. My family is important and so I wrote these novels for them, for their future, for what I dread we have taken from them and will continue to take, long after we are dead.

I live in the Midwest and my friends are good people and I value them. They are conservative and most are Christians and somehow, we argue over unions as if union members aren’t patriotic Americans, too, and besides, what is to be gained by condemning workers in a country of workers. And we disagree on the poor? Social Safety Nets may not be working as well as they could (But how would we know if these Safety Nets are working? It is not as if some brave politician will stand up and precisely define what a win looks like in the freest, richest country in the history of history—and seriously, doesn’t free-form Capitalism deserve the bulk of the blame with its all-encompassing goal of creating winning humans and losing humans).

And discussions on life and death with my conservative friends, life at the very beginning and the very end, and guns and gods…forget about it. But unlike politicians and the media, we are friends so we work around the discomfort and the dislike for the greater good.

My friends are the current version of the salt of the earth and all of us abide by family values above all, even if we can’t agree on them. Good people like us accept a society where too many of our children are handled by strangers during the critical formative years. And in the twilight years too many parents and grandparents are handled by strangers until their money runs out, like sand in an hourglass, their lives extended only so far as Government security or private insurance will grant.

And when Americans finally expire after insufferable pain and embarrassment and to the sighs of sad but relieved loved ones, it reveals the immaturity of the vast majority of the American people who won’t resolve; once and for all, when God’s reason ends life and so they leave that to for-profit resolution. Can’t it just be in the fading twinkle of an ancient woman’s eyes?

But all of this pales to the legacy of GREED! Greed, that race for wealth that is ingrained in us all from television at a too early age that drives us to become economically viable so that with something extra in our paychecks at the end of the week, we can indulge ourselves with gifts, with palliatives, to relieve the pain and discomfort that we feel for doing what we must do to earn what wealth we cab. Greed is the satisfying of artificial and constant cravings.

And those who are considered the best of us, majority stockholders, officers of corporations, politicians, and celebrities all at the top of their respective food chains, they earn their way into the 1% and possessing this true wealth, they gift themselves truly extraordinary palliatives in order to compensate for something deeply unsatisfying within that was once more human, what they lost in the dog-eat-dog world that we all live in.

This is the world that we pass on to our children and our grandchildren. This world is what will own them someday like it owns us today. They are truly greed’s legacy. That too is the basis for my cautionary tale of America’s future, The Joad Cycle.

But I still idealize my youth. I remember what it felt like when I was a boy and so I wrote a grand love story, too.


Gary Levey